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Feb 12, 2009 · GT40P heads - upgraded valve springs?? Jump to Latest Follow. This morning I found an E7 head with our TFS-2500100 spring upgrade kit on it. As you can see from the photos They installed at 1.805" which is within tolerance since shims only come in.015" min. thickness. This is great info and a riviting thread. I am using the TFS spring. Oct 05, 2012 · The valve springs recommended for that is the TF Ford upgrade kit TFS-2500100 which has the springs, keepers, two sets of retainers one intake, one exhaust, they're different shims and an installed height measuring device. This kit was installed on my GT40P heads without any machining and is rated for a lift of.520" max. Feb 08, 2009 · GT40P heads - upgraded valve springs??. Joined May 3, 2000 · 8,314 Posts. Discussion Starter • 1 • Feb 7, 2009. Which valve springs are you guys using with GT-40P heads? I was gonna run the TFS-2500100 springs with mine. The retainers are intake/exhaust specific in that upgrade set. So, yes they do. Show Full Signature. Jan 15, 2010 · I'll be using the stock cam and 1.7rr, just want to upgrade the valve springs. I have already put the heads on my car and just found out it was best to upgrade the springs. 92 mustang gt 5.0, 302, gt40p heads, cobra intake, steeda 18 cam, 3.73 gear, nitto 555r dr.

Feb 23, 2007 · If I need to upgrade, which setup would work well? Trickflow? Crane? Also, I am begining to think I should have these checked out at a machine shop. Valve Spring Question Gt40p Heads E Cam: gt40p valve springs? Which valve springs for TFS1 cam on GT40p heads: Forums. Mustang Forums. 1979 - 1995 Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L -General/Talk-1994. Aug 29, 2011 · Mighty Mouse is correct and has a great memory, I did that @ 8 years ago on a pair of GT40P heads. Both of the kit links I saw posted here do not have a tool which will allow the valves to remain in the head during spring change. Find Crane Valve Spring and Retainer Kits 44308-1 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Crane valve spring and retainer kits offer you an easy, cost-saving method of ensuring that your cam is matched with the correct components. The springs will help strictly stock motors by releasing some of the horsepower that the stock components are holding back. These kits include everything that you need to install a high performance cam. The kits contain valve springs with dampers, chromoly retainers, valve seals, locks, spring shims, and a spring height gauge. Instructions are also included. Find Trick Flow® Valve Spring Upgrade Kits TFS-2500100. GT40 heads and valve springs Bronco Tech. Always have the spring rate and tension checked, even if the springs come with the cam kit.

May 30, 2012 · GT40P heads, what kind of performance do they give?. I've also got crane dual valve springs, and the factory spring seats and shims have been replaced, chromoly retainers, 10 degree locks in place of the mild steel and 7 degree locks. All those things are great to do but I have seen cars go sub 12 seconds in the quarter with just a. My cam is a.512 max lift and I'm running the.540 kit for GT40P heads. Valve Spring Kit GT40P, Low & Mid Lift Cams, High Output Drop in up to.540" Lift ADD HARDENED VALVE SHIM KIT: No, ADD VITON VALVE SEALS: No VSK7G49-M If I go back to the Stock Explorer cam, I'm running the springs I have now. I bet they have a similar kit for the GT40's Tim.

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