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Aug 29, 2015 · A business risk is a future possibility that may prevent you from achieving a business goal. The risks facing a typical business are broad and include things that you can control such as your strategy and things beyond your control such as the global economy. A speculative risk refers to something that cannot be predicted to yield a profit or a loss. It is, however, taken on by someone who is aware of the uncertainty. This type of risk is less likely to be insured. For example, the risks of an accident, a car theft or earthquake are pure risks. Speculative risks on the other hand are a family of risks in which some possible outcomes are beneficial. In other words a speculative risk is a situation that might also end in a gain. For example, the risks of stock investment or business venture are speculative.

Speculative dynamic risk is a situation in which either profit OR loss ispossible The outcome of such speculative risk is either beneficial profitable or loss. Speculative risk is uninsurable. Aug 21, 2013 · Speculative risk A speculative risk is one that leaves room for gain or loss, e.g gambling, betting. When you gamble or bet, you already know the risk you are facing. 1.4.1 Speculative and Pure Risks Insurance provides protection from the exposure to hazards and the probability of loss. Risk is defined as the possibility of loss or injury, and insurance is concerned with the degree of probability of loss or injury. Definition and meaning.A speculative investment is one with a high degree of risk where the focus of the purchaser is on price fluctuations. The investor buys the tradable good financial instrument in an attempt to profit from market value changes. We call somebody who.

Jul 03, 2017 · Answer Wiki.As per Section 43 of the Income Tax Act, it is a speculative business. The income will be computed normally & taxed as per standard rate slab. Any amount paid towards STT paid shall be allowed as deduction. Loss, if any can be set off only against another speculative business. Pure risks are types of risk where no profit or gain is possible and only full loss, partial loss or break-even situation are probable outcomes. There are three types of pure risk. The result is always unfavorable, or maybe the same situation as existed before the event has.

One of the speculative financial risks considered in an enterprise risk management program is the risk of loss because of adverse changes in commodity prices,. There are four risk management techniques. risk avoidance; loss control; risk retention; risk transfer; These techniques work for pure risks chance of loss but no chance of gain but not speculative risks chances of gain or loss, as with stock market. Insurance. business risk: A risk, in a business context, is anything that threatens an organization's ability to generate profits at its target levels; in the long term, risks can threaten an organization's sustainability. 05 July 2012 speculative transaction is defined as per IT act As Per Sec 43 5, Speculative Transaction means a transaction in which a contract of purchase or sale of any commodity including stocks and shares, is periodically or ultemately settled otherwise than by the actual delivery or transfer of the commodity or scriptts.

Apr 18, 2013 · The four techniques of risk management. 18 April 2013. Comprehensive business risk management is a multi-stage process that will vary depending on the needs and requirements of each individual enterprise. The first stage is to determine exactly what the risks facing your business are, in order to assess the likely and potential impact of each.

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